About us

innoTronics is a young innovative tech company founded in 2016. Our goal is to make your life easier. From the very beginning of your product research till the peak of your gadget usage we aim to simplify your experience and make it the most pleasant. Even though we are a team of the highly qualified specialists and put all our effort in the gadget creation, we see you, our clients, as our biggest asset.

Using our products you get:

Innovation – Only the most modern technologies, materials, software and design are used in our products. When buying our gadgets, you can be sure that they will stay up-to-date even in several years

Comfort – We want you to feel comfortable in your own home. No more bundles of cables, tons of electronical garbage that does nothing but occupy your free space. Only compact minimalistic products that are vital for your living

Optimization – We help you achieve your living goals in fewer steps. With our products you don’t need two devices to make one action – only one and as simple as possible.